Our Story

In 2019 Celestial Team wandered into advancement and innovativeness and presented new productive of Birthday Cakes, Customised Wedding Cakes, Theme Cake and various of Desserts such as Cupcakes, cake pops, cake Popsicles, sugar cookies, macaroons etc. And also all sort of balloons, different type of flower bouquet to meet our clients’s different needs for their events and special occasion.

Baked by Celestial focused on getting the joy for your festival, we understand how important the cake it meant to everyone of our customers for their loved ones, so we guarantee the quality in every single step of assembling the cake/desserts.

Our Central Kitchen are currently located at Cheras Taman Taynton View. We provides same day delivery service seven days a week, including Sunday, within Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley to provide a high level of customer service. Cakes, desserts and Gifts in competitive prices, good after sales services as well as on-time delivery.

Enjoy and have Fun!

Baked by Celestial Team

Our Products

Our Core Values 核心价值

  1. 互相信任与尊重 Mutual Trust & Respect
  2. 有大志 Ambitious
  3. 诚实与真诚 Honest & Sincere
  4. 谦卑与谦逊 Humble & Humility
  5. 多一份付出 Going the Extra Mile
  6. 再多1% Improve everything by 1%
  7. 正能量 Positive
  8. 充满能量和活力 Energetic and Fun
  9. 团队精神 Teamwork
  10. 永不放弃 Never Give up

Our Mission

We are passionate about providing quality cakes, desserts using best and healthy ingredients for client’s lifetime important events and occasion, to give them the most memorable experience in their life.

We encourage open and honest communication and care deeply about our relationship with clients, to provide a high level of customer service, good after sales service.

We strive for creative, innovation ideas and are committed to the continues improvement of our services and development of our Team.

The ultimate measure of our success is to receive endorsement from clients who advocate our works and services.

We respect and recognise the efforts of our team and provide them with an opportunity to share on the success of the organisation.